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The 2018 Tobacco Control Symposium was planned in partnership with Smoke-Free Nova Scotia. Thanks to our sponsors: The Department of Health and Wellness of Nova Scotia, Johnson and Johnson, and the Mental Health Foundation, for supporting us. We would also like to extend our thanks to the planning committee and speakers for making the meeting a success.

The topics in the 2018 Tobacco Control Symposium were in the domains of evidence-based cessation, endgame strategies and emerging topics in tobacco control. The meeting featured two plenary speakers: Dr. David Hammond and Dr. Peter Selby, in addition to four speakers from Atlantic Canada. Dr. Strang, Chief Medical Officer of NS, provided opening remarks. We exceeded capacity as 70+ delegates attended the event from NS, NB and PEI. Most delegates came from NS, from all zones and various disciplines including nicotine cessation specialists, health promoters, public health practitioners, respiratory therapists, and government staff (provincial and federal). The panel discussion and round table sessions were vibrant.

The average satisfaction with the meeting as an educational event is roughly 9/10 where 10 indicate the highest score. Half of the delegates strongly agreed (and the other half agreed) that they are motivated to actively engage in the tobacco endgame after the meeting. Most participants strongly agreed/agreed that they have learned something new about tobacco cessation. An award ceremony recognized those who have made significant contributions to tobacco control in NS based on nominations. The delegates were pleased with the “feeling in the room”, thought that the symposium was an “incredible learning opportunity”, and found the topics “thought-provoking.” The delegates also loved the “relaxed atmosphere” and “mix of local and national speakers”, and stated that the meeting was “excellent” and “could not have been better.”

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