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Subject:                          The Lung Connection - Spring 2021



Message from the President & CEO


Spring is a time of hope and renewal, and as we approach the summer months, our goal is to continue providing the high level of programs and services expected of us from our donors and program participants.

As the third wave of COVID-19, a respiratory virus, begins to make its impact on our province, I encourage all Nova Scotians to keep following protocols and listen to the direction given to us by the medical experts and government officials. The collective effort of everyone has helped keep our numbers low through most of this pandemic, and it’s helped to protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with lung health issues.

At the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, we continue to focus on improving lung health by offering programs to help people with lung disease. We’ve adopted virtual models to provide support to patients and their families. We’re providing a record number of sleep apnea machines to Nova Scotians who can’t afford therapy. We’re supporting patients who have to travel to Toronto for life-saving lung transplant surgeries, and we are continuing to offer smoking and vaping cessation programs for people who want to improve their lung health but struggle with the mental and physical addictions of nicotine.

Lung health has never been more important and, thanks to your continued support, we are creating a province where Nova Scotians can breathe easier. We hope you will stay connected with us and follow our updates on social media.


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Take a Break on March Break Challenge


The Lung Association of Nova Scotia recently invited 50 youth to take part in a new pilot program, aimed at helping them to give up their vaping addiction for one week. The “Take a Break on March Break Challenge” invited youth, aged 16 to 24 to give up vaping for a week, not even allowing a single puff for the duration of the challenge.

In total, 38 youths were able to stick with the challenge, and 29 of those participants self-reported that they were able to abstain from vaping for the 7-day challenge period.

The federal government recently announced the results of the 2020 Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey, which collects information about the prevalence of cigarette smoking, vaping and cannabis use. This survey indicated that vaping remains more popular among younger Canadians, however, rates of past 30-day use have gone down in the 15-19 age group, from 15% in 2019 to 14% in 2020.

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia will continue to offer education, support and cessation programs for youth who have been drawn into the addiction of vaping. With continued efforts, our hope is that youth vaping rates will continue to fall.

“Fantastic helpful program! I am nearly a month vape free!” – program participant


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Legacy Research Grant


Just a reminder that applications for the Legacy Research Grant close on May 14th. The Legacy Research Grant supports local high quality, leading edge respiratory health-related research in Nova Scotia that will help manage and prevent lung disease. 


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Lung Champions - A New Monthly Giving Program


We are excited to announce the launch of our new monthly donation program, Lung Champions. 

COVID-19 has underscored the importance of protecting and improving our lung health, because, when you can’t breathe nothing else matters.

Now more than ever we need your support.  We expect an increased demand for our services as we navigate the best way forward to help those with lung disease, and, people who have long term lung issues due to complications with COVID-19.

By becoming a Lung Champion you are directly helping the 1 in 5 Nova Scotians living with lung disease access a number of programs and services and are contributing to our vital work in advocacy, education and local research initiatives.

Why are monthly donations so important?  Monthly donations are a reliable source of income, and, present one of the lowest costs of fundraising.  For our Lung Champions, there are also lots of benefits.  You will be able to spread your gift out over the year and receive one convenient tax receipt.  You can also cancel or change your gift amount at any time. 

No matter what the amount, every gift will make a significant impact right here at home.

Please consider becoming a Lung Champion today.  Learn more by clicking here and sign up today! Looking for other ways to give? Keep an eye out for our Spring Seals campaign, which will be hitting mailboxes in the next few weeks.


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COPD Support Group


As COVID-19 continues to make it unsafe to provide in-person support groups, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia is offering a virtual support group to provide emotional support and connection for Nova Scotians who suffer from COPD.

Support and education groups play an important role in helping individuals living with lung disease, assisting them and their families to better understand their condition and the options available to help cope with its mental and physical impact. 

Sessions are held monthly and incorporate both education and facilitated conversations. 


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Youth Advisory Council


Lung disease impacts people of all ages, while youth smoking and vaping continue to be issues that need to be addressed. We are pleased to have input from our Lung Association of Nova Scotia (LANS) Youth Advisory Council to help address lung health issues that impact youth.

One of our first members of the LANS Youth Advisory Council (YAC), is our current council Chair Person, Lola Velden, who joined in March, 2019. Lola has suffered from asthma since she was a child, and she also attended the Lung Association of Nova Scotia’s annual summer camp, Camp Treasure Chest, which is held in partnership with Brigadoon Village each year.

Lola joined the Youth Advisory Council because of her experience of living with a lung condition and she wanted to engage communities more around lung health issues. She finds it rewarding to be able to talk to others on the council who are also passionate about lung health, and to hear their perspectives and learn about their experiences.

Lola was excited to help lead one of the YAC’s recent outreach projects, which encouraged people on social media to share lung health new year’s resolutions for a chance to win a local staycation. The Youth Advisory Council conceptualized the contest, presented the idea to LANS leadership, received buy-in, and then oversaw the creation of content and contest deployment.

We are grateful to this amazing group of young individuals for their contributions to lung health in Nova Scotia. Their enthusiasm and dedication to create positive change in lung health gives us continued hope that the future of lung health looks promising.


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Links Fore Lungs - A Great Gift for Moms & Dads


More than ever, people are looking for new activities that will allow them to enjoy the outdoors, while adhering to COVID-19 protocols. Golf is a great option. We had lots of great feedback last year, how our Links Fore Lungs Book allowed people the opportunity to explore new courses around the province, while providing them with an opportunity to stay physically active.

Looking for a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s Dad? Why not consider giving Mom or Dad a Links Fore Lungs Golf Book, which includes over 100 BOGO green fees at courses around the Atlantic provinces. To check out what courses are included, or to order online, visit: 


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Seasonal Allergies Can Exacerbate Lung Conditions


It’s allergy season and people with lung disease can find their condition exacerbated as pollen levels and outdoor mold spores increase in the springtime. This can cause worsened respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. It is often assumed that a cough can mean COVID-19. However, coughing can be related to any number of things, including seasonal allergies or another, unrelated, lung condition. The Lung Association of Nova Scotia will continue to educate Nova Scotians on lung disease and encourage people to be kind.  


Tips for controlling asthma and allergies