Tobacco Control Symposium




The Lung Association of Nova Scotia has partnered with Smoke-Free Nova Scotia to organize the 2018 Tobacco Control Symposium. The symposium is about taking leadership to advance tobacco control in the province. This initiative is needed because of the high smoking prevalence rates in Nova Scotia. Further, the tobacco endgame momentum to achieve “5 by 35”, referring to smoking rates of 5% by 2035, requires concerted effort. The focus of the symposium will be on three key themes: Endgame strategies, evidence- based tobacco cessation, and emerging topics in tobacco control. Join us this year in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for the Tobacco Control Symposium on September 28, 2018. The symposium is for mental health and addictions personnel with a primary or partial responsibility to deliver nicotine cessation treatment. Public health and policy managers, respiratory therapists, and other health professionals working in tobacco control will also be invited.










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