About the Quit Cold Turkey Challenge

Nova Scotia has one of the highest smoking rates in the country and smoking is the leading cause of most lung-related health issues. At the Lung Association of Nova Scotia (LANS), we are committed to helping Nova Scotians breathe easier by taking a proactive approach to lung health. This challenge will reduce smoking rates in Nova Scotia which will help prevent lung cancer.

Last year was the 3rd  Annual Quit Cold Turkey Challenge which was only available to Nova Scotia residents. We had 300 people participate, with 25% participants completing the challenge successfully. We were overwhelmed with the heartfelt stories of those who were successful and humbled by the honesty of those who were not able to complete the 30 days smoke-free. 

Our goal this year with the Quit Cold Turkey Challenge is to reach 100 Nova Scotians and offer stronger support to the registrants. We would like to help the registrants quit smoking prior to the holiday season to give their loved ones the gift of better health. Beginning at noon on November 5, 2018, participants will give up smoking “cold turkey” for four weeks. Why 30 days? Because studies show that individuals who quit for 30 days are likely to remain smoke-free. We hope that once the challenge period is over, that you remain committed to your health and start on the path to a smoke-free lifestyle! When the challenge period ends at noon on December 5, 2018 and you have remained completely smoke-free (not even a puff) for 30 days, we will celebrate your achievement with a gift from our family to yours.  We will be giving out a turkey/ gift card for those who are successful in becoming smoke-free.

We understand that quitting smoking is hard, but, the team here at LANS will provide support as you progress through the journey of quitting cold turkey. Upon registration, you will receive a starter kit with resources to help get you started (a welcome letter and a countdown calendar. This year, we are also including four $5 coupons to buy a nicotine replacement aid (gum, lozenge etc.) in the starter kit to help you stay smoke-free during the challenge. We will stay in touch through weekly emails and Facebook posts to encourage you along the way. We have also assembled a wealth of supporting information available on the Support & Resources page of this website.

Follow us on Twitter (@NSLung) or add us on Facebook (LungNS) to stay in touch. We have even created a designated Facebook Group for all participants so that you can motivate and support each other as well.

Participants who complete the challenge and remain smoke-free will be asked to share their story with us so that we can celebrate their success and inspire others.



Page Last Updated: 24/10/2018