Lung Transplant Information

Information for lung transplant patients

Dr. Meredith Chiasson and Dr. Nancy Morrison at the NSHA, work closely with Erin McAndrew, RRT Respirology Clinic, to assess patients with advanced lung disease pre-transplantation and provide follow-up care post-lung transplantation in collaboration with the patients’ lung transplantation center (predominantly Toronto).

Where do lung transplants happen?

There are four lung transplant centers in Canada that perform lung transplants. The centers are located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. Individuals from Nova Scotia who require lung transplant surgery must relocate to Toronto for the procedure.  To be approved for out of province travel the patient must have a signed physicians recommendation. For more information on Out of Province procedures, air travel and transplant information please see the documents below. Should you have any questions please call our toll-free number 1-888-566-5864 for more information.

Out-of-province Expense claim forms & FAQ

Out of Province Travel and Accomodation Expense Claim Form

Out-of-Province Travel Assistance Frequently Asked Questions


Travel Resources

Air Canada - Fitness for Air Travel - Medical information 

West Jet - Portable Oxygen Concentrator Physician Statement

Porter - Request to Operate Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Hope Air Information (free medical travel for Canadians in need) 

Looking for accomodations while in TO: 
Celebrity Condo Services
Phone number:  416-920-1473
Cell:  416-707-4660


Toronto General Hospital Resources

UHN  Lung Transplant Patient Manual

Transplant Guide for families and support people

Pre-transplant information

Post transplant information

Exercising after your lung transplant

Coping With a Transplant


How to get referred


Lung Transplant Support Group

You are invited to join the group, share your experience and gain insight into how others manage pre-transplant and post-transplant life. For those considering lung transplant surgery, the post-transplant members can be a very important source of information in addressing your questions and concerns. If you are planning alternate treatments for your respiratory disease, contact the Lung Association to learn how others in same or similar circumstances have learned to cope with their diseases and even improved their quality of life. Families and friends of respiratory patients also are strongly encouraged to participate in our Association. Here they can learn more about the diseases that have befallen their loved ones. Also, they can share their experiences as caregivers and learn how other caregivers cope with similar situations. To join the Lung Transplant support group, please add yourself to the Facebook support group here:


Lung Transplant Support Fund

For more information on the Lung Assocations Lung Transplant Support Fund or to apply, click here

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