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2018 News


November 2018:

RELEASE: Nova Scotia and PEI Lung Associations form partnership

RELEASE: Radon Detector Library Loan Program gets an influx of new devices to help meet demand

May 2018:

RELEASE:  The Lung Association of Nova Scotia & Smoke-Free Nova Scotia announce the Inaugural Tobacco Control Symposium in Dartmouth, an event designed to discuss strategies for advancing tobacco control in our province.

April 2018:

RELEASE: The Lung Association of Nova Scotia reponds to law amendments

March 2018:

RELEASE: The Lung Association of Nova Scotia wants to see additional protections against second-hand cannabis smoke

February 2018:

RELEASE: Federal Budget: The Lung Association applauds stronger Federal Tobacco Strategy, investment in research

RELEASE: Lung Association announces new fund to assist lung transplant patients


2017 News


December 2017:

RELEASE: Lung Association serves up cold turkey to former smokers

RELEASE: Dalhousie University School of Health Sciences (Respiratory Therapy) partnering with the Lung Association of Nova Scotia in first-of-its-kind partnership

November 2017:

RELEASE: The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is giving away 500 FREE radon detectors to 10 communities across Nova Scotia

ADVISORY: Noon Canon to launch smokers on the Quit Cold Turkey Challenge

RELEASE:  Lung Association of Nova Scotia Launches Third Quit Cold Turkey Challenge

RELEASE: The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is helping Nova Scotians breathe easier through a new pilot program

October 2017:

RELEASE: 500 Nova Scotians Invited to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey for 30 days

January 2017:

RELEASE: Lung Association taking part in Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon Charity Challenge

RELEASE: Lung Association announces Laughs for Lungs



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