Your Help is Needed More Than Ever

Your Support is Needed:

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is seeking your urgent support during the COVID-19 epidemic.  The 1-in-5 Nova Scotians living with lung disease are particularly vulnerable to respiratory viruses like COVID-19.

We need your support now more than ever to continue our essential work due to major disruptions in our fundraising efforts.

We encourage people who can help to make an on-line donation or a monthly gift by clicking HERE

How we are helping during COVID-19:

1-in-5 Nova Scotians live with lung disease and are particularly vulnerable to respiratory viruses like COVID-19.

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is proactively helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 by having our dedicated staff work from home, not accepting walk-in clients and suspending all travel. 

We are also helping to keep you informed on best practices to protect your health by promoting trusted sources of information. 

Those with lung health disease are strongly advised to take all precautions necessary to keep you healthy.  For more information on coronavirus, please click HERE

We are still here, working to protect and help you.

Why on-line donations are urgently needed:

COVID-19 has greatly impacted our revenue and fundraising programs and suspended, postponed or negatively impacted all spring campaigns and events. We estimate a loss of $70,000+ in revenues that will severely impact our operations.

By making a one time or monthly gift on-line you are helping us continue our vital work.

On-line donations keep our fundraising costs low and you will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Some examples of how your gift helps:

  • 30,000 Nova Scotians have sleep apnea.  We help through the gift of CPAP and BiPAP machines.  Last year, we gave 550 Nova Scotians this necessary equipment.  Machines range in cost from $2,000 to $5,000, making this program a lifeline for those that cannot afford the equipment necessary for this medical condition.  Please give.
  • With your help we can continue to send (when it is safe to do so) 100 Nova Scotian youth living with lung disease, like asthma, to Camp Treasure Chest.  This week-long, overnight camp helps empower youth to effectively manage their disease through programs provided by our medical experts.  Kids also have fun and form lasting bonds with other children just like them.  Please give.
  • Help lung transplant recipients through advocacy, by providing a support group and travel assistance through the Lung Transplant Support Fund.  Lung transplant patients need to travel to major cities as they wait for surgery (approximately six months) which causes a huge financial strain on families. Please give.
  • Help to pass critical legislation, like flavor bans, aimed to decrease youth vaping rates in Nova Scotia and provide our youth with the critical facts on vaping. Please give.
  • Provide programs to help Nova Scotians quit smoking through individualized support.  Our Quit Cold Turkey Campaign has helped over 1,000 Nova Scotian’s. Please give.
  • Continue to provide the free loan of radon detection kits through our public libraries so Nova Scotians can test their homes.  Radon gas is the seconding leading cause of lung cancer and is present in all homes.  We also help to provide critical research programs for lung cancer patients with possible links to radon gas exposure and are currently developing a program to ensure we test daycares throughout the province. Please give.
  • In 2020 we will partner with Research Nova Scotia to fund $50,000 in critical local lung health research including cutting edge studies that advance our knowledge of lung health conditions.  Please give.

To learn more about other programs and services please click HERE

Page Last Updated: 04/08/2020