COVID-19 - office closed to walk-in traffic

Our office is closing to walk-in traffic

As many of you know, yesterday we were informed that there are now cases of the Covid-19 virus in Nova Scotia. The provincial government has taken leadership on this issue by implementing appropriate steps to contain the spread. 

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia also wants to be proactive, as the Covid-19 virus can be particularly dangerous for those living with lung disease. As such, we have decided to close our doors to walk-ins until further notice. 

Not only do we want to protect those with lung health issues but we want to be a socially responsible organization. In order to balance this and the needs of those we serve, we will be modifying staff schedules. We will continue to monitor requests and inquiries, however our response time may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and flexibility. 

As we monitor the situation and receive updates from provincial health advisors, we will post updates on when we will re-open to the public. We thank you for you understanding in this situation. Let’s continue to look out for one another.

- Linda Gregory, Board Chair
- Robert MacDonald, President & CEO

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Page Last Updated: 17/03/2020