Camp Treasure Chest

Since 1989 Camp Treasure Chest has supported children across Nova Scotia with Asthma and other lung diseases. Campers have the opportunity to meet other children with asthma/lung disease and participate in fun, educational and physically-active adventures, while being supervised by caring counselors and medical professionals. Camp Treasure Chest provides a safe and educational space for campers to learn while also giving campers the opportunity to participate in crafts, games and every day camp experiences.

This year your Lung Association is excited to be partnering again with Brigadoon Village, a non-profit organization that manages a year-round facility used for residential camps for children and youth living with a chronic illness.

Please note: Because public health guidelines have not yet been determined for summer camps this year, camp placements will not be confirmed until early May, 2022 when applications close. By that date, we hope to know more about guidelines relating to capacity and programming and Brigadoon will reach out between May 15-June 1 to confirm your place at camp. Payment details will be provided once application confirmations have been communicated. 

Thank you to Brigadoon Village for being so dedicated to helping make this camp a reality for the kids it is so important to.  

For more information on Camp Treasure Chest, please contact Michelle Donaldson at or by phone at (902) 443-8141 ext 23
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