Anna Forsythe

Anna’s Story

My name is Anna and I’ve had asthma since I was 18 months old. I’m 10 now, and I don’t let my asthma stop me from doing the things I love – like basketball, track and field, and going to summer camp. For the past 3 years, I’ve spent a week of my summer at Camp Treasure Chest. At Camp Treasure Chest I get to spend time with other kids with asthma, and my mom and dad don’t have to worry about me because they have doctors and nurses there. Camp Treasure Chest is one of my favourite parts of the summer! I like that there are other kids there with me who have asthma. If I cough, they don’t get worried or ask if I’m okay because we all know what to do. When we’re at Camp Treasure Chest we get to do fun things like canoeing and playing capture the flag. I don’t ever remember not using a puffer, but I know that spending time at Camp Treasure Chest with my friends has helped me learn more about my asthma and how to use my puffers. My mom told my counselors that Camp Treasure Chest empowers me to take control of my asthma, and I think it’s also the BEST part of having asthma!

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Page Last Updated: 01/05/2017